Perhaps inevitably, I’ve always been more of an audio as opposed to video-oriented person and so, exploring making videos for my songs has been quite a challenge. Having said that, with the help of some very helpful friends, we’re putting together some ideas for videos for some of the songs. This morning I went out for my first walk in more than two months since lockdown started to get some photos and video footage. No idea if it will be of any use but we shall see. Either way, I’m learning something new and that’s good.

Been enjoying playing some records today. I’d forgotten how much I like just sitting down and listening to them.

I’ve recently been listening to Tim’s Twitter Listening Party where people listen to a selected album at the same time and while it’s playing, musicians who made the album tell stories about their experiences and swap comments with fans. It’s just a bunch of people who love music talking about music in a quiet little space of the internet. In these strange days we live in, it’s a lovely thing to be a part of. There are a few albums a day every day so there’s always something you like and also things you never knew you liked. One of the lovely things about it!

Since lockdown started in Spain in March, I’ve been inspired by having lots of time at home and having access to a bass guitar for only the second time in my life and as a result I’ve written and recorded about 16 songs since. At one point, I was writing one a day… Though not as prolific at the moment, I’m still happy to report I’m still finishing 2 songs a week. Long may it continue…